Over the moon and down the trail,
Catching a ride on the comet's tail,
Dipping off to the Milky Way,
And up to the spot where you can play.

This is where I call 'Over the Moon'
A secret space where there is no room
For 'horribles' and 'nasties'
Only tinkerbells and parties!

So put your best foot forward
And to the fray...
And over the moon and far away....
'OverTheMoon' ©

Oh! how lovely of you to join us.... do come in and make yourself comfortable....
this is our other home on the web where we leave the cares of the world behind us
and journey into another land where anything is possible...
we travel lightly and oh! so softly and whisk away to our secret place...
a fantasy land to roam as we please....

This land of make-believe is where
Ideas and inspiration spring from....
From here we regain our sanity and wellbeing....
This is where we can sigh, sing, shout, dance...... be ourselves.....
But more importantly,
This is where we can get in touch with our child within.....

You know that feeling when things go right and you are feeling exhuberant?
Or for no reason at all.... you just feel happy with the world around you......

Well....... that's being Over the Moon........

Its a state of mind, a state of 'lightness' which gives one a sense of enjoyment of life ....
So come, and join us while we take a stroll around this magical place called


and explore


The Windows of our Souls (Orig)
Ships in the night (Orig)
This mortal realm they speak of.... (Orig)
Have you ever seen a Wizard? (Orig)
A Magic Place (Orig)
Don't tell me
The Prophet
Oh! I'd love to go a'sailing (Orig)
How can you judge another? (Orig)
After the Storm (Orig)
Awakening (Orig)
The Gift From The Gods
Lullabies and Dreams
The Owl and the Wizard (Orig)
An Old Dragons Tale (Orig)
Soul For The Ride
A Birthday Wish (Orig)
Gilbert, The Monster Snail
Don't Look To Me (Orig)
Can You Imagine?
Clown in the Moon
A Glimpse of Heaven (Orig)
The Seed, A Parable
Reflections of the Sky Nation
Dragons and Dreams!
Unicorns and Things!
The Legend of the Rainbow
The Dream Catcher
Imagination (Orig)
Fairies in Motion
The Magical Mustard Seed
Just Pedal!
Trying to make sense of it all!
Our Christmas Wish for You ! 2006
Our Christmas Wish for You ! 2007
Our Christmas Wish to you! 2008

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