Trying to make sense of it all. Cartoons and verse by Michael Leunig, spiritual, mystical,whimisical, comical,

Trying to make sense of it all.....
Michael Leunig

The path to your door
Is the path within:
Is made by animals,
Is lined by flowers,
Is lined by thorns,
Is stained with wine,
Is lit by the lamp of sorrowful dreams:
Is washed with joy,
Is swept by grief,
Is blessed by the lonely traffic of art:
Is known by heart,
Is known by prayer,
Is lost and found,
Is always strange,
The path to your door.

God help us.

With great skill and energy we have ignored the state of the human heart.

With politics and economics we have denied the heart's needs.

With eloquence, wit and reason we have belittled the heart's wisdom.

With sophistication and style, with science and technology,

we have drowned out the voice of the soul.

The primitive voice, the innocent voice.

The truth.

We cannot hear our heart's truth

and thus we have betrayed and belittled ourselves

and pledged madness to our children.

With skill and pride we have made for ourselves an unhappy society.

God be with us.


We give thanks for our friends.
Our dear friends.
We anger each other.
We fail each other.
We share this sad earth, this tender life, this precious time.
Such richness. Such wildness.
Together we are blown about.
Together we are dragged along.
All this delight.
All this suffering.
All this forgiving life.
We hold it together.

God give us rain when we expect sun.
Give us music when we expect trouble.
Give us tears when we expect breakfast.
Give us dreams when expect a storm.
Give us a stray dog when we expect congratulations.
God play with us, turn us sideways and around.

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Michael Leunig's
deep appreciation of the inner persona
is like a beacon to us mere mortals,
and which I, for one, am most grateful!
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