Come.... Tis time to.....
Let your imagination take you by the hand,
And lift you high up to that nether land,
Where you can lose yourself and drift
Or even upon a stool gently sit.....

This place where you are now,
Tis a place where you can browse
And wander through these magic realms.
First listening to the gentle breeze,
Dancing through and with the trees.....
Then to add to this bliss you hear
Water running so very near.....
Soothing all around with its gentle swell
Inviting you to stay a spell.

The birds come down from branches high
To sing to you and stay a while,
Carressing you with their soft feathers
As they fly closer still to see you better.....
Their downy plumage full of colour,
Adding to your heightened power.

The fragrances that grace the air
Now reaching to your heart,
And seeking out your soul
Where they can find a place to go
And remind you of their past.....

This is where you can dream
And think of places you have never seen
This is where you can go
To places you have heard of long ago.

The stars on high are a'calling,
No boundaries here to keep you in,
And all that you need acquire
Is just desire, as your means,
Of carrying you up, up to your dreams.

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