When looking through the windows of our souls
At this world of ours with all its mysteries to behold
It matters not our colour or our race
Whether we be simple or full of grace.

For when we do catch a glimpse through the shutters
The only thing that matters is the unsurpassed beauty of it all.
When seeing through the screen we place in between
Ourselves and those with whom we enact this masqueraded ball.

We will see each other for who we are - No questions asked or sought
We will love each other without doubt - And hold no remorse
No hidden innuendo, no abstract word to figure
Just the plain simple truth - that will be all 'de rigueur'.

And the backdrop to all this will be a loving world
Where nature plays her part by providing us her art
Of all her wondrous scents and aromas. Together with her hues
She'll out do her views, by providing us with spectacular panoramas.

Oh, how lovely this would be........ and it can, can't you see
By simply looking through
The windows of our souls!


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