Once upon a time
there was a very beautiful and magical garden.
The soil there was dark, warm and moist
and it was said that if you took some up in your hands
you could feel the life-giving energy pulsing from within it.

In this garden grew fruit trees and flowers
of every type known to man
and some that were never before known.
Everything that was planted there,
grew to its fullness, nothing was ever wasted.

The Colours of the plants
were more beautiful than anything ever before seen.
Every shade and every hue of the spectrum was to be found there,
producing a rich rainbow of delight for those who beheld it.

The grass was green as emeralds.
The red, rosy as rubies.
The yellow was golden like the sun,
and the oranges shone like carnelian and jasper.
The violets deep and royal, befitting a Queen or a King.
The pinks as delicate as a newborn's skin.

Overhead the sky was blue and bright
and everywhere the air was filled
with the perfumed aroma of the many flowers.
The fruits of the trees were juicier and sweeter
than anything before tasted.

Through the middle of this garden
flowed a stream of crystal clear water
which sparkled like diamonds,
reflecting the light of the sun,
and surrounding this garden was a wall
which was built of something
that looked like glistening, transparent gold.

From all directions,
the birds of the air would flock together
migrating long distances along a perilous journey
just to be encircled and nourished within such beauty.
It was here atop the branches of the trees
that they longed to build their nests
and you would hear them singing joyfully to the rhythms
of the flowing stream and the babbling brooks.

Now, in the middle of this garden sat
a Wiseman and a Wisewoman
waiting patiently.
They are the Keepers of the Secret
of this Garden Like Kingdom.

One day a wayfarer came upon this place.
You could tell by looking at him
that his journey had been long and arduous.
His clothes were torn and tattered
and he was covered in dirt and dust.
His body, too was bruised and bleeding.

At first when he saw this marvellous kingdom
he was afraid to go in, thinking that
he was not worthy to enter such a wonderful place.

But suddenly
the Wisewoman and the Wiseman appeared
and beckoned him to come in.

They bathed him in the stream of clear, crisp waters
and gave him new clothes to wear.
Then they fed him of the many fruits
that were to be found there.

After he had been filled,
the Sojourner asked the Wiseman and Wisewoman
how this place had come to be so beautiful
and why they had been so gracious to let him in.

"We have been waiting for you," they said
"Do you not know that everything you see here belongs to you.
You are the Master of all that you see
and we are your humble servants."

"How can this be," he replied,
"I am just a solitary wanderer
with nothing to call my own but the clothes I wear
and the memories that linger with me."

"We have watched and waited a long time," they said.
"When we first arrived here this land was barren.

But each time you wandered aimlessly in the darkness,
a light appeared in the heavens.
Each time you conquered a fearsome obstacle,
a seed was sown underground.
Each time you shed a tear
the rains came and waterd the soil.
Each time you suffered a harsh word or were shunned and ignored,
a bud blossomed.
And each time you felt abused or abandoned
a flower released its fragrance.

This garden is the Kingdom you created, my friend,
born out of the seed that was planted in you long ago.

Your journey, though long and arduous, is complete.
You have entered the Garden of Truth, Justice, Purity and Beauty
that you nurtured along the way.
For the fruit of the seed planted in darkness
is the light of the life you shall enjoy for all enternity...."

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