Write me a soul for my journey
Weave me a heart for the road

Sing me a breeze to stand in
Catch me a thought from the shore

Write me a path for my journey
Weave me some shoes for the road

I've listened to dreams in your heartbeats
I've fought through the loudest of doors

I've seen through the dirtiest windows
I've broken the deepest of spells
And always it seems to come back to this place -
the stars just keep chasing me home

So write me a soul for the emptiest room
and weave me a heart for the road


How can I tell you who I am
when I can't even say
why my words break up before I can speak them?

When I seek the silence
to heal me from all those voices
which crowd so easily around my heart
and then weep for the voices I've not yet found

How can I tell you who I am
when my life
is tumbling with contradictions
and your empathy takes me so much by surprise?

You stand there with open ears
in a world teeming with open mouths,
sharp teeth and egos...and you draw the tears from
my breath

How can I tell you who I am
now that the Angel has blessed me?


This morning I could see
the scorch of roasted sky
in the wake of a missile...

But the air was clear,
and I woke up
ready for better dreams.

I woke up knowing that
fellowship and love
still wins in small packets
even where it seems to have lost.

I woke up knowing
that being undervalued
can be the most precious thing
because it makes the magic
that much greater
when people see your true worth.

I woke up
scribbling my soul on the wet sand
same as always.

This morning, however,
I knew the tide would listen.

John Hulme ©

I would like to thank my good friend, John,
for allowing us to feature this beautiful piece of writing,
so emotive and inspirational.....
echoing an area of ourselves we feel so often....
Thank you John...

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