Deep, deep in the Ethereal Realm
there lies this very special magical place,
Mind you, it's so well hidden that you wouldn't even know it was there
if it didn't bite you on the nose so to speak.
You would have to be very discerning and quiet to pick up all the sounds
and as for all the wonderful scents ...... well thats another thing...

Now set in amongst all of this are faries and sprites
and elves and dragons and unicorns
and all the other magical creatures of this special world.
And in amongst them all was this beautiful white animal............
well he wasn't a unicorn because he didn't have a horn........
and he wasn't a horse because he had wings.
So what was he........

Mind you he didn't really care too much about who the others thought he was...........
he knew who he was and how he felt.......
so he would just go about the magical place without a care in the world
and talk to all his friends and play with them.

Well, one day when he was trotting around saying 'hello' to some of his friends
he came across this rather sad looking fairy who was drying her tears
and trying hard not to let on she had been crying.

"Please tell me what is it that is troubling you little one" said our friend
who always had a soft spot for these little creatures, who were so gentle and light
and who spread sunshine all about them.

"Oh! it's nothing really..........
I'm being silly. Please don't take any notice of me" replied our fairy

"But it must be something..........
if you share it with me I may be able to help you." said our friend

"Well........ you see I thought that I was part of the fairy realm,
and today I was told that I wasn't...........
so now I don't know who I am and who I belong to...
It's all very upsetting and so I just couldn't help myself ......
I started to cry, and then you came along." replied our fairy

"Well, I tell you what .....
I was just going up to the High Mountain to see the view.
Would you like to hop on and we can go together?" asked our friend.
"Oh! that would be nice, yes I would love to" replied our fairy.

And with that the little fairy flew upon our friend's strong back
clasped his mane, and with a "hi ho" they were off up to the High Mountain.

It was a lovely ride, they passed so many beautiful sights,
the streams and waterfalls, the valleys and the dales ......
it was truly superb....... all the little animals were going about their tasks........
and the young ones were playing with their friends and getting in their parent's way.
But nobody seemed to mind, everybody was happy and cheerful.........
The little people too,
the fairies and elves and sprites and pixies and goblins......
they too were busy, laughing and singing as they went about their tasks,
and pretty soon our fairy forgot why she had been crying and why she was sad.

Being a magical place you didn't need to put alot into doing things,
they just sort of happened you know..........
so when our friend said that he was going up to the High Mountain
he really didn't have to put too much effort into it.........
although he could have because he was built with really strong wings
which would have lifted him up straight away.

As they were circling the area at the top of the High Mountain
where our friend liked the view
they saw the most beautiful rainbow
and they both let out the bigest sigh
together without even thinking.
It was a really very, very good omen.
This was going to be something special,
they could both feel it.

After they had settled down and our fairy had stretched her legs
she hopped onto a boulder that was lying near the edge,
and as she looked about her she saw this vast expanse of space.............
the billowy clouds gently travelling along.........
some a little faster than the others.........
and then the sun out in his splendour shining his benevolent smile upon his kingdom.

Below the trees were racing each other to reach the sky,
some ahead by leaps and bounds,
some deciding that it would be more interesting to grow sideways instead.
The birds too seemed to be caught in a mood,
the eagles casually soaring marking time with the thermals
with not a care in the world
but at peace with themselves and the world around them.

"You know, coming up here was the best thing that happened to me"
said our fairy to our friend
"thank you for asking me and being there for me when I was sad."

"Oh! please don't think anything of it.........
I was only too happy to have your company" replied our friend
"because, you know something,
you have brought a very precious gift with you today,
and do you know what that is?
Its you, "

"When I come up here" continued our friend
"All at once everything just falls into place,
and I can see what it all means"

"Tell me what do you see and feel" he asked of our fairy

"I see and feel a strange contentedness....
a oneness with everything everywhere" replied our fairy
"I can feel that we are all one.......
all connected to each other,
and that it doesn't matter who we are and what we are
we are all from the same family."

"Yes, yes......... you are quite right......
I get that feeling too" replied our friend nodding his head in agreement
"So you see it doesn't matter
what others say who we are and what we are
we know deep down inside ourselves that we are all the same,
and nobody can take that away!"

The two friends just sat there in the stillness of the moment,
and could feel the calmness and peace of this truth.
What a gift this was.


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