A thought came to mind the other day
When asked the question "Is Heaven a nice place to stay"
To which I said "Oh yes!"
And then went on to speak of all else...
Only later did I think how it would be
And then felt it necessary
To put pen to paper and describe
The feeling that this conjures up inside.

Imagine the feeling of bliss, and utter happiness,
And the feeling of being at rest....
Where some of us attain, through grace,
A brief moment of ecstasy and space,
When we encounter His Presence,
Of Love and Omnipotence.

Resting in this eternal glow
And feeling the loving flow....
A flow which never ends,
Merely transcends us to a higher beam
Which is impossible to dream
Leaving us so satisfied
We want for naught 'cept its continuance.

Thus I would describe,
Though it bears small significance
To how it would be,
When at last we see
Our Lord and Master....
For, you see, it is He,
Who is Heaven.

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Graphics by
Backgrounds by Marie
Taken from a Painting by Josephine Wall

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