Have you ever seen a Wizard
Flying in the sky
Perched upon a Dragon's back
Above the clouds so high

Oh my! how they go at such a pace
Makes you wonder what's the matter.
Are they coming or are they going
Oh dear me! What a clatter.

Look, look,
He's pointing with his sceptre
To a far off point along the way, and
The Dragon has his head turned
As if to hear what his master has to say

You don't suppose they are fleeing
From a foe of long ago, or maybe
Just returning from assisting, that
Maiden over yonder who's resisting....
I really do not know.

Maybe his magic is required
To bring peace to a distant land,
Or maybe just to be there and
Help them all to understand.

Oh dear me!
A Wizard's work is never done
Its never done, oh no!

Nor does he rest the while
For if he did, our world would be
The far sadder by a mile.

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