Oh! I'd love to go a sailing
Sailing in the sky
In my fairy castle
Amongst the clouds on high....
There I would be master
Of all I surveyed.....
In my little kingdom
With no thought of today.

I would steer a course for fairyland
And find my friends up there
Who would greet me with laughter
And mirth would fill the air.
We would play and play for hours
With not a care in mind
Hiding 'neath the cloudy bowers
And sliding down the vine.

We would chase a comet's tail
Racing through the skies
And when we got there
We'd simply say goodbye.
For we would see a shooting star
Calling us and our friends
To join the fun and hopping on
To find a rainbow's end.

That's where we'd find
That treasure trove
Thats sits right there for all to take
And all you have to do
Is have a wish to make
Oh! how joyous that would be
Imagine all the wishes
I could wish for all to see.

I'd wish for love and happiness
For simply everyone
That and friendship would be
The choice I'd first hit upon,
Then I'd click my fingers
For a feast for all to sup on
And invite each and all
And simply everyone

And after we had supped and dined
To our hearts delight
I would turn to all my friends
And wish them a Good Night!

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