A dream catcher
is said to attract dreams to its web.
The good spirits find their way through the centre hole
and float along the sacred feathers to the people sleeping below.
The bad spirits get caught in the web
and are melted by the morning sun


Long ago when the world was young,
an old Lakota spiritual leader was on a high mountain and had a vision.
In his vision, Iktomi, the great trickster and teacher of wisdom,
appeared in the form of a spider.

Iktomi spoke to him in a sacred language.
As he spoke, Iktomi the spider
picked up the elder's willow hoop
which had feathers, horsehair, beads and offerings on it,
and began to spin a web.

He spoke to the elder about the cycles of life;
how we begin our lives as infants,
move on through childhood and on to adulthood.
Finally we go to old age where
we must be taken care of as infants, completing the cycle.

"But," Iktomi said
as he continued to spin his web,
"in each time of life there are many forces
some good and some bad.
If you listen to the good forces,
they will steer you in the right direction.
But, if you listen to the bad forces,
they'll steer you in the wrong direction and may hurt you.
So these forces can help,
or can interfere with the harmony of Nature."

While the spider spoke, he continued to weave his web.

When Iktomi finished speaking,
he gave the elder the web and said,
"The web is a perfect circle with a hole in the center.
Use the web to help your people reach their goals,
making good use of their ideas, dreams and visions.

If you believe in the great spirit,
the web will catch your good ideas
and the bad ones will go through the hole."

The elder passed on his vision to the people
and now many Indian people
hang a dream catcher above their bed to sift their dreams and visions.
The good is captured in the web of life
and carried with the people,
but the evil in their dreams drops
through the hole in the center of the web
and are no longer a part of their lives.

It's said that the dream catcher holds the destiny of the future.


The dream net has been made
For many generations
Where spirit dreams have played.
Hung above the cradle board,
Or in the lodge up high,
The dream net catches bad dreams,
While good dreams slip on by.
Bad dreams become entangled
Among the sinew thread.
Good dreams slip through the center hole,
While you dream upon your bed.
This is an ancient legend,
Since dreams will never cease,
Hang this dream net above your bed,
Dream on, and be at peace.


Bring me all of your dreams,
You dreamers,
Bring me all of your
Heart melodies
That I may wrap them
In a blue-cloud cloth
Away from the too-rough fingers
Of the world.
Langston Hughes


Sleep well sweet child
Don't worry your head.
Your Dream Catcher is humming
Above your bed

Listen so softly
I know you can hear.
The tone of beyond
Close to your ear

Love is alive
And living in you.
Beyond all your troubles
Where good dreams are true


Floating in the morning light,
near the edge of an old barn....
Nature's dreamcatcher caught my eye,
(such wonder's around the farm!!!)

An intricate little spider web,
glistening with morning dew...
attesting to nature's mysteries,
shining brilliantly for me and you.

Catching dreams, that thru the air
float on sunshine rays...
Saving those that warm the heart
for use on future days.

Raindrops only filter thru,
and soon the air has dried
this home you dreamed and wove
that hangs twixt earth and sky.

Silvery strands that gently sway
to the rhythm of life's flow,
It's just a tiny spider web..
a dream catcher that glows.

Do not be afraid,
it hangs silently in the sky,
hovering ever endlessly,
catching dreams as they pass by.
Denise Lanford

~A little known fact~
Round screens were made to cover a baby's face
so that bees would not harm them while their mothers were picking berries in the fields.

Thank you Elaine
for the DreamCatcher graphic

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