A dragon lives forever, but not so little boys.
Painted wings and giant's rings make way for other toys.
From "Puff The Magic Dragon"

The Dragon's Truth

Gold, bronze, brown, green and blue;
A living rainbow of wonderous hue.
With burning fire, they set the sky ablaze.
Scales catch and reflect the sun's bright rays.
Riding the wind, creating their own soft breeze;
Soaring above the clouds, knowing no boundry.
Possessing more power than all the world's mages,
They're spoken of in sweetly sung sages.
To see one aloft in the night
Would fill you full of fear and fright.
But the fears have no right to be bore
If you listen beyond the legends and lore.
Dispell the tales of dragon claw and tooth
And heed instead the Dragon's Truth.
Leah Laflamme

Flight of the Dragon
Flight of my Soul
Fight of my heart
Light of my Mind

What was that shadow in the night? Was that a dragon on the flight?
Did he escape from mankinds eye, to the world of dreams where our hopes still lie?
Who will dare to follow?
Who will dare to fight?
Who will dare to dream on,
After the last dragons flight?
Who will hold up his shield?
And who will sharpen his sword?
And fight for the dragon and the dreams in this world?

What was that vision in my mind?Was that an illusion or a dream of some kind?
Or was it a gateway to the realm of dreams, Where people can follow their fantasy-streams?
I will dare to enter!
I will dare to fight!
I will swear to dream on,
In the shadow of night.
Let the book be my world. And the pen be my sword, When I fly with the dragon, when I dream of my lord.

Flight of the Dragon.
Flight of my soul.
Fight of my heart.
Light of my mind.
Igor S.Kusnetzow

"What is a dragon?"

Is it the mean, greedy monster
I know from fairy tales?
Or the wise, gentle giant
With the smooth, polished scales?
Do they live in volcanoes,
Or in the arctic cold?
Are they blue, red, and black,
Or silver, bronze, and gold?
Are they evil and destructive,
Or on the side of good?
Would they leave a friend in trouble,
Or help them if they could?
Are they beautiful or ugly?
Do they croon or do they roar?
Should I listen to the logic,
Or should I believe the lore?
So many myths and mysteries
Surround these mighty beasts;
I hear they live in far-off lands
With dwarves and elven priests.
In the mounts dwell unicorns,
The clouds the land of pegasi,
Yet I believe that all in all
It's dragonkind that rules the sky.
Janet Lyles

"Dragons Soul"

Dragons filled with timeless wisdom,
lived long ago in anchient kingdoms.

Dragons flew on wings of love,
out stretched arms in clouds above.

Dragons kiss with endless passion,
fiery breath,lips tightly fasten.

Dragons soft and gentle embrace,
both eye to eye and face to face.

Dragons hearts are intertwined,
all wrapped up and so refined.

Dragons love's the only goal,
in my hearts a Dragons Soul.

Dancing with Dragons

I want to dance with dragons
and swim with mermaids in the sea.
I want to ride a unicorn
and have a fairy talk to me.

I wonít intrude into their world,
but Iíll invite them into mine.
If my heart is pure and happy,
then I know Iíll be just fine.

The dragons I would summon
would dance with me, my friend
And I would not make them angry,
for Iíd be toast before my end!
The mermaids I would gather
would bring me precious pearls
And I would not make them jealous
because theyíre gorgeous girls.
The unicorn Iíd call to ride
would bathe me in his shimmery light.
I would not touch his magic horn
or he would bolt away in fright.
The fairy I would coax near me
would sprinkle glitter dust.
I would not dispute her words,
for that would make the glitter rust.

I think Iíll light some candles;
then Iíll play my favorite song.
Iíll gaze into my crystal ball
and I wonít have to wait too long.
Iíll watch the orb grow cloudy,
then clear for me to see
Iím dancing with the dragons
while a fairy talks to me.
And mermaids in the water
watching unicorns near by,
Play with ripples full of sunshine
as lazy clouds pass by.

But visions fade into the glass...
and what Iíve seen will be.
I know that it will happen...
But WHEN is still a mystery.

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