After the storm has passed
And all the clouds have gone,
You look at the world around you
And view it in a different norm...
You see and feel a freshness
All about you that seems to stir
Your thoughts within that beckons
To dreams you've never reckoned.

For all the ravages of the tempest
Seem so far away, but while they lasted
You could not even see the light of day,
But now that they have gone
You can't believe your eyes,
For in its place you see this magnificent surprise
Of peace and tranquility,
A calmness from within
That carries you in momentum
As though it had always been.

And so it is in this life, as our stormy clouds we face,
Trying to exist in this human race,
Living with each other
Is no easy task, loving one another
With no questions asked,
And so you discover that by doing the best you can
This, after all, is all that can be asked of man...


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