I came into this world with nothing,
and still have alot left!

Our Christmas Wishes for you!!

As I sit here wondering what to write
Of the things that could have been and might
Thoughts, like butterflies, drifting in and out
Casting light on memories that were long forgot.

Welcome to Musings.
Thoughts never, ever stop do they......
they just keep coming, even when we sleep,
though perhaps some we don't remember.
Until perhaps a view, scent, or something similar
triggers a deja-vu.
So thought I would have somewhere to jot them down and go from there.


A Lover's Toast
To my daughter
Hello Friend
Where are they now?
Ding and Dong
Our Christmas Wish for You! (2010)
Our Christmas Wish to You! (2011)
Our Christmas Wishes to you! (2013)
Our Christmas Wish to you! (2014)
Our Christmas Wish to you! (2015)

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