People demand the freedom of speech
to make up for the freedom of thought they avoid

The Allure of Flight

Like a bright golden disc against
the black sky, the moon rises to
introduce the heavens to man's eyes.
Captivated by imaginary wings,
dreams of flight transcend all time;
mankind's reverie now his reality.
Still, flight is time perishable;
man's quest abbreviated by
natural laws and human frailty.
Inevitably his craft must alight;
and thoughts return to other things
- if only for the moment. For ...
Surely, with rest and the ship
replenished, a spark flickers
to rekindle the dream...when...
His gaze rises forward a gilted moon,
enticing him upward, yearning,
fascinated by the marvel of flight.
Mankind - ever reaching - with wonder,
innately seeking the outer limit;
the far dimensions beckoning!
J. Hoogerwerf

I had a hope, I touched a dream,
There was no easy way -
I walked into the dead of night,
For there I could not stay.
I walked, and when the moon shone bright
I found a path to climb:
I walked beneath its strangest light
In that most troubled time.

I walked, and chased away my fears,
I walked - I looked ahead:
Through my vale of endless tears
I walked where I was led.

And as I climbed, and as I saw
The landscape all around -
I felt the tremblings of a war
And heard a distant sound.

And war it was, within my heart,
And what I heard was prayer :
A Greater Power was guiding me -
A Greater Power was there.

A greater power held my hand
And gave me strength to fight:
I walked beneath the smile of God,
I walked towards the light.
Richard MacWilliam

What is a dream?
A dream is a goal, an inspiration,
A dream is where Hope lies,
A dream is something to chase when life would drag us down,
A dream is a song in the wilderness,
A dream is spirit in darkness,
A dream is good flowering from the mud of evil.
This is a dream.

Send out your mind and touch God, pray,
And God will send you down a dream.
Hold that dream, treat it like treasure, and never, ever let it get away.

Have a dream, and you will live,
Chase a dream, and one day you too will be a shining star;
For every star is a dream that someone?s reached,
And all the stars together make up the face of God.
Live out your dream, and reach for the heavens.
Richard MacWilliam

Shattered tears
and littered glances
pull them into madness.
A score of souls reach out,
desperate for someone strong.
A few allow the madness
to pull them along.
And then there are those who accept--
and see beyond.
Their savior's name is Wisdom,
who shows them a beauty
that I, alone, have missed--
A single yellow flower.
A waterfall,
formed by rain and steel.
And as the concrete clouds rise,
these tar-black eyes look up
and see the God that lives within them.

As metal is forged by the fire
so too is the heart of the soul
made stronger by all of your trials
as you strive to accomplish your goals.

It?s so easy to smile when you?re winning
when fortune is going your way
but character comes from the struggles
of fighting life?s battles each day.

Nothing is real until tested
you never know what you can do
until when the odds are against you
you still find the strength to pull through.

So never back down from the fire
while striving to reach for your goal.
The trials you face on your journey
will strengthen the heart of your soul.

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