In the uncertainties in this world of ours
Where we are blown around
By seemingly chaotic circumstances
And we find ourselves aground.

Uncertain of our future
Uncertain of our goal
Uncertain where the path is leading
Uncertain of our role.

As one sits and ponders about the enormity of it all,
Thoughts begin to flicker through giving us some recall
That below all this perceived mayhem
There lies a tiny keyhole
Bidding us to enter and hear the truth unfold.

You latch upon this idea
And turn it with your key
Gently nudging the door aside
To open for you to see.

Standing on the threshold
You mull the past and present
And sense an inner feeling
That what is here is constant.

Constant in a love all giving
Constant in all wisdom
Constant in a certain purity
Constant for a reason.

This constancy is always here
A never ending flow
Here for all eternity
From a loving God bestowed.


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