Have you ever been to Never Land
Where you never, never have to do a thing.
Never ever have to lift a finger,
Never have to give cause to linger,
Just to sit a spell and sing.

Where everything just happens
Without you thinking twice.
Where all the niceties of this life
Appear before you in a thrice.

All the happy endings
Filled with love and so much more,
Come to rest about you
Soaking up your very core.

Think I'll go to Never Land
It's call is beckoning me.
T'is a place where we all come from
And always yearn to be.

We left it with our childhood
When first we took that leap
Jumping in the deepend
And landing in a heap.

Yes, Never Land is calling
You will hear it too
Wishing for a seachange
Will bring its call to you

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