A little one peeps through the curtains
At the world outside
Enjoyment and excitement
Are mirrored in their eyes.

Tugging at your coat tails
For you to see their view
Their eagerness is impelling
And you know not what to do.

You glance down upon them
Although your minds on other things
Wishing they would be silent
Instead of pulling on your heart strings.

But what you see before you
Catches you by surprise
A glimpse of how the world should be
Is reflected in their eyes

A sense of understanding
Of this sorry state of ours
Where we see it never ending
They've already reached the stars.

You feel their excitement
And at once your spirits lift
You find this quite amazing
How a mood shifts.

You draw them closer to you now
To give a grateful hug
And silently give thanks
To the one above.

For this little one is oh so special
Only we alone can see them
Tucked away in a hide-away
No name or pseudonym.

Who can this be, you might well ask,
Who is this little one ?
Well, dear friends, I'll tell you true,
I cannot tell a lie. Prithee, I bid thee welcome your loving

Inner Child.


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