Dare to be different, dare to dream,
Dare to look for that improbable scheme,
Dare to stretch way out on that limb,
Dare to strive when all the lights are dim.

It's not easy at first to see in mind's eye
A different perspective way up in the sky,
A different objective to those that talk,
A different drummer to those that walk.

How can this be done we ask ourselves,
How do we find this dream.
How do we see beyond the horizon
When all about us do scheme.

By telling ourselves there's more to life
Than just being as we are,
By tilting our hat at windmills
As we ply our course up to the stars.

Sooner than later we'll hear our voice
Urging us on to do
All the things we love in this life
And wished that we could do too.

And the magical part about all this is,
When pleasing only ourselves,
We find that we're in a special place
Where others will benefit as well.


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