Be Still, original, spiritual, magical, mystical, mythical, whimsical,

Be Still
Utterly Still
Completely Still
Where nothing moves
Save the pulsing of your heart

Stay Still
Keep Still
Remain Still
Allowing the rhythm of your breath
To gently dim the mirrors of the world

As the stillness enfolds your very essence
There comes a tiny murmer
Starting as a pindrop - maybe when you slumber
Coming from right within you
And whispering in your ear

"Listen to me, will you ?"

Listen and you will hear...

This is your Soul speaking
Wishing to be heard
Above all the noise and din
Above all the worldly chatter
Trying hard to get a word in - where it really matters

Because its hard to steer the right course
Its hard to see the wood
Its hard to find the right words
Though many wish they could

Be Still
Utterly Still
Keep Still
Remain Still

And you will hear your Soul.


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