An Allegory

The twins in their mother's womb were blissfully
unaware of what was going on in the beginning.
As the weeks went by they grew.
Their hands, feet, organs began to develop.

Meanwhile, they began to notice what was happening around them.
As they became more aware of what a comfortable and safe place they were in their happiness increased.

They kept saying to each other,
" Since coming to the womb, and living here... It's really wonderful, isn't it? Oh, how beautiful life is!"

As they grew, they set off to explore the world they were living in. And to discover what was the source of life.
In searching for this, they came across the cord connecting them to their mother. They discovered it was through this very cord that they were effortlessly nurtured in comfort and safety...

"How abundant is our mother's grace and affection! She sends us all we need through this cord..."

Now as the months passed by, the twins continued to grow rapidly. So, in other words, they were getting closer to the "end of the road."
As they watched these changes, in amazement, they began to feel the signs of departure, that one day they would have to leave this world of beauty.

They began to feel these signs even more strongly, as they neared the ninth month.
One of the twins, becoming anxious, asked the other.
"What's happening? What's the meaning of all this?"
The other was calmer and self-possessed.
Besides, the place they were in, often didn't satisfy him and he would really prefer a larger place. He replied.
"All this means is that we will not be able to stay in this world for much longer." And then added: "We are coming to the end of our lives here."

"But I do not want to go!" cried the other. "I want to stay here forever..."

"There's nothing we can do about it, and perhaps, there is life after birth."
"How can this be, after the cord, that gives us life, is cut off?" asked the other.
"If the cord that gives us life is cut, how can we remain alive, tell me?... And look! there have been others here before us and then they have left, and none have returned so that one could tell there was life after birth....... No, this will be the end of everything......"

As an after thought he added,
"And perhaps there is no mother!!"
"There must be" replied the other. "Otherwise how could we have come here, .....and how could we survive?"
"Have you ever seen our mother?" insisted the other. "Maybe, she exists only in our minds. Maybe we have made it all up, for the mere thought of having a mother eased us..."

And so their last days in the womb passed with soul searching and heated debates.

Eventually, the time of birth arrived.
The twins, when they left their world of comfort, opened their eyes to another world...... and they began to weep tears of joy......

For what they saw was even beyond their wildest dreams.......

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