It was a beautiful summer's evening, just before twilight,
when the children thought it would be a nice idea to see if they could find
the beautiful fairy at the bottom of the garden, and also meet her friends as well.

As they passed the billabong, they said "hello" to the frogs and the goldfish
who were swimming lazily around looking for what titbits they could find,
like the insects that were skimming on top of the water.
Their golden shapes gliding gently amongst the waterlilies, nudging the foliage to see what was on offer.
The children could feel the enchantment in the air.
Marie Eline let out a sigh of contentment,
as she especially loved the outdoors,
and felt a sense of being in tune with it all.

There were some blue crested wrens darting about the tree ferns.
They looked so colourful with their blue breasts, and Robert went up to one and asked if he had seen the fairies.
"Oh! yes." the little bird replied
"They are down by the wild orchids and maindenhair, and they were busy making daisy chain necklaces."
and with that he flew off to join his friends.

Now you will remember that this part of the garden was a bit higglety pigglety
and the children had to watch how they went.
Liam led the way, and they all had their heads down watching for any pitfalls along the way.
Soon they were in an area where they could feel something different around them,
and they stopped and listened very hard to see if they could pick up something.
After a little while they could hear the sound of singing....
and they knew then that the fairies were close by.

They all joined hands and closed their eyes and started singing
"I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wished last night"

As the children opened their eyes,
there right beside them was the beautiful fairy they had met the last time.
She was holding a lovely flower in her hands,
and as she turned to them, she said
"Hello, you know the last time we met I didn't tell you my name.
Would you like to know what I'm called?"
"Oh! yes, please" said the children all together
"We were wondering what your name was, and we have been trying to guess it" continued Liam.

"Well" the fairy said
"Its an easy name, because it goes with the colour of my hair......
Its Saffrin!" said the fairy, "My name is Saffrin, and I know all your names.....
How, you ask?....
Well fairies know just about everything!"

By this time the singing was getting closer,
and from behind a maidenhair fern
stepped another little fairy carrying a butterfly
"Hello" she said,
"My name is Sprite, and I've brought you a friend to meet, isn't she lovely!"
showing the butterfly to the children.
"You know," she continued
"Butterflies are very special to us as they pass our messages on from one fairy pool to another fairy pool"
"What's a fairy pool?" asked Robert, imagining a swimming pool.
"Well," said Sprite
"We call fairy pools places where fairies gather together and have fun!"
"We have many pools," continued Saffrin
"Especially around here,
and the butterflies keep us all up to date with all the comings and goings on.
You see, we also have 'learning pools'
and 'helping pools'
and 'calming pools'.....
depending on whats needed, but you know
we have so much fun while we do our tasks,
and that is the whole point of it all.....enjoy what you do!"

"Come," said Saffrin
"We'll take you down to our fairy pool,
and you can see what we are talking about!"
The children couldn't contain their excitement
as they tripped over each other in their hurry to see for themselves!
Gosh this was exciting to say the least they all thought,
as they followed Saffrin and Sprite down the path
between the wild orchids and maindenhair ferns.
They went further and further down towards the bottom of the garden,
and all the time the singing
was getting louder and louder.
There were also squeals of laughter,
and splashing,
and clapping,
and they were beginning to wonder
what they were going to see when they finally reached the fairy pool.

By this time the children could hardly contain their excitement,
and Marie Eline broke the silence
"Oh! look, the fairy pool" she said
"How beautiful"
Well she was right, it was a beautiful sight.
There were fairies all around, talking and laughing, and running about
amongst the ferns.... they really were having fun!
And there was a pool with flowers all around it,
and in the middle of the pool was
a fairy balancing on a very fine gossamer thread.

All three children just stood there and watched all the fairies........
they couldn't believe their eyes......
it was fantastic,

They turned to Saffrin and Sprite and the words came tumbling out.....
"Can we go and play with your friends" asked Robert........
"Will they let us?" asked Liam...........
"Can I have a go on the gossamer thread?" asked Marie Eline...........
It all looked such fun, and they couldn't wait to join in.

Just then a group of fairies came flying down laughing and chattering away,
they took the children by the hand
and led them towards the center of the circle.
Then an amazing thing happened,
all the fairies came forward and they formed a circle
around the children and started singing.
Well it was beautiful,
and the children couldn't help joining in.
Now they had never heard the song before,
and so they didn't know the words,
but somehow they just did!!!!!!!!!!

And this is how it went

"We are the fairies of the pool,
We've come to help you
Through your school.
To see no harm befalls you is our aim,
And to also help you in your game,
For, when after all is said and done,
Its far easier when you are having fun!

So welcome to our little gathering,
Please feel free to go a wandering,
You'll find your way, without even asking,
Because you see you are in Fairyland."

Now after they had sung the song several times,
and been dancing around the circle,
and they couldn't stand up any longer
they all fell down laughing and giggling....
Oh! they were so was bliss!

All of a sudden,
Liam looked up at the sky and saw that it was getting darker.
"Oh! look there's Venus" he said,
"The first star of the evening.....oh, dear, we had better get moving"
With that, the three of them got up, brushed off their clothes,
and reluctantly said goodbye to all their new found friends of the woods!

Saffrin and Sprite came with them,
and lit up the pathway with the lights in their wings,
so that the three could see where they were going.

It was always disappointing when happy moments like these have to end,
and the three little ones were feeling the sadder for having to go home.
But then,
they remembered their Mummys and Daddys,
and couldn't get back up home quick enough
to tell them all about this latest adventure!

So turning to Saffrin and Sprite they said their goodbyes,
and promised to come down as soon as they could,
and with that
they ran back up home, calling out to their parents......
"You'll never guess who we just met!"


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