The cave was set deep in the mountains. There were carpets on the floor, and lighted candles shone from niches cut into the walls. The ceiling was curved, carved out of the solid rock, and its surface had a polished, ethereal look to it. A subtle fragrance pervaded the atmosphere.

In the centre of the cave, the guru sat motionless, his eyes closed, lost in meditation. His body was invisible beneath the folds of a white robe, and his long white hair fell about his shoulders, framing the golden complexion of his face. An aura of total peace and serenity surrounded him.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and smiled. His dark brown eyes were lit from deep within by an unbelievable radiance.

"Please come in," the guru said, though no sound had come from the cave's entrance.

At once, people began to slip silently into the cave. They had come from far and wide, drawn by many different hopes and needs. Now they came together, sitting crosslegged on the carpets as they took their places in the gathering. The guru watched, and his smile touched them all.

Welcome," he said simply, then turned to a young girl who was sitting near to him. "Tell me, what is your name and why have you come here?"

"My name is Pamela," the girl replied. "And I have come to listen and to learn." She seemed reluctant to say any more and her eyes were downcast, but the guru knew of her real need.

"Pamela," he said gently, "something is troubling you. If you would like to share the problem with us, perhaps we can help you. We are a family here and the love that has united us will also ensure that everything that is said here today will be safeguarded and confidential. You may speak freely." His voice was reassuring and Pamela hesitated only for a moment.

"I lost my mother a year ago. She was my life!" The words tumbled out in a rush, and she burst into tears.

"Let us all share her tears," the guru responded, "and feel her grief." As he spoke, tears began to fall from his own eyes, and others also cried, silently. Minutes passed and gradually the tears ceased. Eventually, Pamela dried her eyes and smiled bravely.

"Thank you," she whispered. "That's the first time I've ever been able to release my emotion."

"Why haven't you been able to cry before?" the guru asked.
"Where I come from," she answered, "people are embarrassed if you cry."

"But you see around you people from all over the world who have shared your grief and are not embarrassed," he exclaimed. He indicated the rest of the gathering and Pamela looked around at the tear-stained faces and felt their support and strength. "When you go back home, seek out those who will do likewise," the guru went on. "Perhaps you need to think about your choice of companions."

Then speaking once again to the whole group, he added, "Let us now sit quietly and visualize the friends we would like for Pamela. Picture them reaching out and touching her, comforting her and listening to her words, enfolding her in their warm, unselfish love. Do not worry if you cannot visualize them clearly. Simply know that they are there - and they will be there."

The guru paused and closed his eyes before speaking again.

"After that, let us surround Pamela with a golden glow of spirituality and peace."

Minutes passed in complete silence as they all set their minds to the task. And then, suddenly, the entire cave was bathed in a golden light. The people who were watching gasped and the others opened their eyes immediately. It was a truly magical sight.

Around the guru's head was a brilliant, golden halo which expanded to shine even beyond the confines of the cave, reaching out and finding the Source. Everyone sat mesmerized until the halo retracted and the guru opened his eyes once more.

"And what is your name?" he asked a young man, speaking as though nothing out of the ordinary had occurred.

"My name is Sam." The young man's eyes were still wide with wonder.

"You are very sad," the guru said. "How would you like me to help you?"

At this, Sam's face fell as he remembered his own concerns.

"I'm unhappy," he replied wearily, "because I was born ugly. Beauty means everything in this materialistic world."

That is a very sweeping statement," the guru remarked. "When you look in the mirror, does your image offend you so much? Isn't there anything you like about yourself?"

"I like my eyes," Sam answered hesitantly.

"The eyes are the mirror of the soul," the guru explained. "That is why you have beautiful eyes. An ordinary mirror cannot show the beauty of the soul and perhaps, for a time, you should not look into a mirror. People who have a purpose in life have very little time for such things. I do not even own a mirror. I would have no use for it.

"In this dimension, the casing which your soul inhabits is the only thing one can see," he continued, "unless your soul is advanced. The packaging can be ugly or beautiful but it is of no real significance in the end."

"In my heart I know that," Sam said. "But how can I be happy in this dimension?"

"You must rearrange your thoughts," the guru answered promptly. "Let me give you an example. There have been many successful actors who were, and are, ugly. If you look at some of the great orators, their faces are alive, changing all the time. Their looks are of no importance. They are entertaining because they have a light which shines from within. You are impressed by their talent, not be their features - and a beautiful person who is a bad actor will never truly impress anyone."

He paused to allow the truth of his words to sink in and then continued.

"There are people in all walks of life who are successful and ugly. They spend their lives working for their success and have very little time to woryy about whether they are beautiful or not. They have a mission and their whole lives are directed towards accomplishing that mission. The whole world respects success and admires those who achieve it, regardless of what they look like on the surface."

"Why don't you look deep into your heart to find your talent. Give it time to develop and seek your own measure of success. Working hard is a cure for many things, because there is not time to dwell on trivialities. Be true to your soul and you will be happy. Then when you look in the mirror, you will see a person whose face is animated, whose expression changes all the time - a person with enthusiasm for life.

"I will try," Sam promised.

"One last thing," the guru said smiling. "Remember that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. If someone hates you, they will see you as ugly. But if you are loved, then you will be beautiful to the person that loves you. It's as simply as that."

The guru shut his eyes and stretched out his arms. With his long slim fingers spread he looked as though he was blessing everyone. Silence descended throughout the cave until he abruptly opened his eyes again and said, "I would like to speak to Miriam."

"I am Miriam." The voice came from a small figure at the back of the cave. She sounded not in the least surprised that the guru knew her name.

"You have a wonderful glow around you, Miriam" he responded. "Can you tell me what has entered your life since you have been here?"

"Knowledge," she answered simply.

"Why should knowledge give you such light?"

Miriam thought for a moment before answering.

"When we are listening and absorbing knowledge," she began "we relax and our minds are able to link up with cosmic forces. Our mind energy is strengthened and revitalized and so it expands beyond where we are - outside this cave," she added, gesturing at the stone walls. "When we were helping Pamela, you were glowing when your mind energy returned."

The guru's pleasure at her words was plain for all to see.

"Here we have a person who is not only spiritual and observant, but also psychic," he said. "Is that not so?"

"Yes. That is so," Miriam admitted, sounding oddly reluctant and abviously aware that many of the others were looking at her.

"Why did you come here today?" the guru asked.

"As I become more spiritual," she replied, "I also feel an increasing responsibility towards others. You see....I often know what they are thinking....and frequently it disturbs me. I don't know how to handle it. There's no fun in my life at the moment."

"You must always remember we are living in a physical world," he told her calmly. "In this dimension, we should enjoy our physical pleasures as well as the spiritual side. Life is for living, for giving - but also for receiving. Don't let your awareness blind you to that."

"But those who are not aware bore me," Miriam protested.

"That is not their fault," the guru replied. "Perhaps the time is not right for them to become aware. Perhaps you are shutting people out now that you are aware."

"Perhaps," she said thoughtfully.

"Have you ever thought that you may bore them with your presence?" he asked. They don't need lectures. Show them more love. After all, who wants to mix with a saint when all you want is to have fun?" He was smiling and his expression was mischievous. His dark eyes sparkled.

"I understand," Miriam said, smiling back. "I must strike a balance. Of course. It's so obvious now. I have been imbalanced. Thank you."

"I have given you very little," he responded. "You have worked it out for yourself. The answers to our problems lie within us. Unlocking them is the real problem." Then looking round at the gathering as if he was somehow measuring them, he said, "I would like you all to close your eyes and hold out your hands, palms upwards."

There was silence while they obeyed. A minute later he asked, "Can you feel your hands tingling?"

Several people answered, "Yes." Some murmured tentatively; others were more confident and firm. A few did not speak at all but nodded, forgetting that no-one could see them.

"Would you like to see the energy that is making your hands tingle?" the guru asked.

Again they answered in the affirmative.

"Then open your eyes."

Gasps of surprise filled the cave as they obeyed him and stared at the spinning spirals of energy that whirled in the palms of their hands. The ever-shifting colours were extraordinarily beautiful.

The guru laughed at their amazement. "In future," he told them, "you will know what is happening when your hands tingle." He moved his hands and, as the others followed his example, the spirals vanished.

"Is it always like that, or does it only happen when you are present?" a man who had not spoken before asked.

"When you open your hands, palm upwards," the guru replied, "you are expecting to receive. It is an invitation. All is known to the Source. Consequently you will receive energy to revitalize you."

"Can you tell us more about energy?" a young girl requested. "For instance, is it possible that one day I will be able to see energy, like I did just now?" Her eyes were still wide with excitement.

"That rather depends on how you progress," he answered and then, seeing her confusion, he went on. " It is not a question of sitting for hours meditating or using similar exercises," he told her kindly. " It is a question of how you live your life. However spiritually advanced you appear to be, the soul knows the truth and so, if you are not truly spiritual, gifts will not be given to you."

"What is the soul?" someone else asked.

"The mind has many levels and the soul is one of these," the guru replied. "At the soul level, it has infinite energy. Remember - all energy has different levels."

"How do these levels work in conjunction with each other?" the questioner persisted, sounding uncertain.

"It is not as difficult as you might think," the guru answered, smiling. "Materialistic thoughts use the denser mind energy that is the nearest to the physical body. As your thoughts become less self-centered and unselfish, love enters your life, and the finer and less obvious parts of the mind energy are developed.

"The soul cannot be seen. As the most extreme part of your mind, it is always in contact with levels that are unknown to most people. Nevertheless, messages are passed through all the levels of the mind - from the soul to the most materialistic - to help and sustain us."

"So, in a way, the soul tries to lift us," Miriam added. "But how can we know when this is happening?"

"Everything is known at soul level," the guru responded. "When you are trying to help yourself, certain truths will be made known to you. And then you begin your voyage of discovery. There will be many pitfalls along the way - and you will be helped only very occasionally."

"That's right," Miriam put in eagerly. "Sometimes nothing seems worthwhile but then, from out of the blue, something happens to lighten your life - not materialistically, but something much more valuable - love, friendship, or being shown a different path. For instance, I am always guided to read books that enhance my knowledge of life - not necessarily spiritual books, but those that encompass all life."

"Yes," the guru agreed enthusiastically. "You will also find that this knowledge will bring with it certain spiritual gifts that will enable you occasionally to touch the soul level. One of these gifts is 'knowing'."

"I have that gift," Miriam said, "but I have never been able to describe it properly."

"Think of all the examples in your life," he suggested. "When somebody loves you, it is obvious without the need for words. You know they love you. Hate is equally obvious. If you have children, you know when there is something wrong, even if there are no obvious signs of a problem. It is a feeling within you.

"Outside of family and friends, the knowing may work in a slightly different way. For example, you can walk into a room and sense the atmosphere. Immediately, you know whether you want to stay or not.

"It can also work over long distances. You may suddenly know that someone is in trouble and then telephone or write to them to ask after their helath. You would be pleasantly surprised at how often you were right. It really is a question of tuning into yourself and your higher mind or soul."

"Is the higher mind the same as the soul?" a young man asked.

"No, but it is one of the higher levels, nearest the soul," the guru replied, "and it can be a great source of comfort because it is a powerful communicating bridge between the levels."

"I think I know what you mean," a lady called Natalie commented. "Sometimes, after meditating or just day-dreaming, I am given the answers to problems."

"As you progress, you will be given knowledge automatically," he responded, nodding, "as though someone had given you second sight. All of these levels are far more exciting than anything on the physical level." With that, the guru ended that part of their discussion. "Now I would like you to close your eyes again," he instructed. "Be still."

As the minutes passed silently, everyone became aware of some kind of energy swirling around the cave.

"Are you tingling all over?" the guru asked eventaully.

"Yes," most of them replied, wondering what new marvels were to be shown to them.

"If any among you do not feel the energy," the guru said, "direct your thoughts towards me." More time passed and the level of anticipation grew until he added. "Now open your eyes and look at each other."

Mouths dropped open and eyes went wide in astonishment as they looked at their neighbours. There, for all to see, were the seven chakras, swirling vortices of energy. They had all known of the chakras in theory, but none had actually seen them before. The spirals upon their palms had been entrancing, but this beautiful display made them all feel ecstatic.

On each person, the chakras were positioned at the top of the head, in the middle of the forehead - the third eye - at the throat, heart, spleen and navel and at the base of the spine, the kundalini chakra, in all its splendour. All of them shone with different colours - even those in similar positions - and the guru explained that this was due to the differing levels of spirituality of each person there. All too soon, he asked them to shut their eyes again and, as they did so, the tingling left their bodies and was replaced by a feeling of peace.

"I want you all to meditate now," the guru said, "or if you are not used to that, allow your mind to be free, to day-dream."

The cave was suddenly filled with music, indescribably lovely and certainly not of this world, as minds reached hitherto unknown levels. A sense of oneness pervaded the whole cave. In that time it was impossible to differentiate between one body and another, and, for the first time, everyone there understood the oft-heard advice about the necessity of all parts becoming the whole. Now they were in a place where thought was no longer necesary and, indeed, impossible.

The guru's voice sounded again, as if from a void.

"You have all become part of each other. Now I am going to bring you back." Seconds later he told them to open their eyes and sat smiling at them all. "You have been blessed," he said.

There was silence for a while as they all collected their thoughts, remembering the extraordinary events of the past few minutes.

"Something like that happened to me before," a man named John ventureed finally. "Two years ago when I almost died."

"Ah, yes," the guru responded "A near-death experience. That is different, however. You were there by yourself and then were suddenly confronted by people who had left their physical bodies, people you knew?"

"That's exactly right," John said, wondering if there was any limit to their mentor's knowledge.

"The difference between then and now," the guru continued, "is that two years ago you only arrived at the gate and were not allowed to go through. Today I took you beyond the gate, to a place from which none would have returned to their physical bodies without my help. You need have no fear of death while you are on this planet. Just remember this experience."

"But how do you give us these experiences?" another man asked. "What's the secret?"

"There is no secret," the guru replied patiently. "It is the result of many spiritual lives. There are many Holy Men and each one has a particular gift or gifts to inspire those who seek enlightenment. When one is enlightened, the question becomes the answer. Look no further at this time. Only accept."

"May I introduce myself?" a lady asked her eyes shining. "My name is Margaret. What I have experienced here today has changed my life. How can I go from here and convince others of all the things I have seen?"

"Trying to make others believe is wrong," he answered firmly. "The best way to go about it is to relate your experiences and leave it at that. If others wish to accept your words then it will change their lives as well. If they do not, their lives will be poorer, but you should never attempt to brainwash anyone or persuade them by force. In spiritual matters, everyone develops in their own time, during many lifetimes."

"I'd like to know about my previous lives," Margaret said. "How would I go about it?"

"It would be a useless experiment," the guru told her calmly. "The sum total of what you have been - good and bad - is what you are now."

"I'd still find it interesting," she said defensively.

"Regression is not necessarily truth," he answered. "Genetic memories become mixed with the sum total of our own minds and it is very difficult to separate our memories from previous lives from those of our ancestors." He went on to explain that each of them had to pay the price of their ancestors' actions and the damage they had done to their psyches. "This whole area is so complicated," he continued, "that it is better left alone. simplify your life. Do not deliberately complicate it. Through your own progression, you will negate the damage that has been done and the efforts you make will be on record. All is known."

Margaret nodded, accepting his advice, and the guru turned to a young lady sitting at the front of the group.

"I would like to help you," he said quietly. "Tell us your name."

"My name is Lisa," she replied, "but I don't think anyone can help me. I have been blind since birth." she paused, then added, "I came to listen and to learn. Although I cannot see with my physical eyes, I can see quite clearly with my mind's eye, and I have marvelled at the things that have happened today. Maybe, because I'm seeing with mind instead of brain, I can see colour as it really is. I have much to be thankful for." She thought for a moment, and then said, "If I could ask for anything it would be for patience. Most of the time I'm impatient with myself and others. It complicates my life."

"Yes," the guru said, laughing with her. "Patience really is a virtue, but very few of us are virtuous," then he added, "I think you have to learn to be patient with yourself first. It is impossible to improve any kind of relationship until that same problem has been overcome in ourselves. I can only offer advice. Don't expect too much of yourself. You have had to overcome many obstacles and are anxious to overcome many more, but I believe you are expecting too much too soon. Pace yourself, take stock of your achievements and reward yourself with time - time to relax, to meditate, think." He laughed again. "We have all the time in the Universe, after all. Mind is everlasting. No matter how we hurry in this life, it will make little impact on our spiritual nature as a whole unless we achieve progress." He smiled once more. "Please slow down. Enjoy your life and you will find that patience will be your reward."

"Thank you," Lisa said, "I'll do my best."

"That is all one can ask for," the guru stated. "And if your best is not as good as someone else's, it makes no difference in the scheme of things. The only thing that matters is that it is your best."

"I will tell you a story. When I was a young man, I studied spiritual matters with my guru, a great teacher. He asked me to do certain things that, in my opinion, were a waste of time. 'Look at the stars,' he used to say. 'Wonder at them.' I did not want to look at the stars, I wanted to be a great teacher, and I told him so, but it made no difference. 'I want you to look at the stars and wonder at them because they no longer exist.' I laughed then, for I had such admiration for this man, but he was trying to tell me I could see things which no longer existed! My guru continued, 'Some of the stars which you see shining so brightly burned out long ago, but as their light does not reach us for hundreds of years, we are seeing an illusion. This dimension is a dream world; there is no reality here. Only when we finally escape from the prison of our physical bodies will we find reality.' " The guru paused, watching the faces of his audience.

It has taken me many years to understand his words, but they are true. Only when we are working with the outer regions of our minds are we in touch with reality. The lower regions are but shadows. In time, you will know this for yourselves but, in the meantime, remember what I have said when you find yourself taking life too seriously."

"Spiritually advanced people are so relaxed and peaceful," Lisa responded, "Yes," the guru agreed "And to do this we must love ourselves - and to love ourselves we must have self-respect. For that, our houses must be in order and the first step in achieving that is to have principles and to keep to them. Only then, when you have found peace within yourself and an inner calm, will you also find happiness. You will find - perhaps for the first time - that you will take pleasure in your own company.

"In this materialistic world, people do not love themselves. The majority have spent their lives longing to love others and then wonder why things go very wrong. Sexual love is not what we are discussing here. That is very fleeting. Pure love of self gives you self-respect and an ability to live without unnecessary possessions. It enables you to think clearly and concisely and to do what is right for you in an unselfish way. The greatest benefit of all is to be able to give so much to others and remain true to yourself."

"What exactly is pure love?" a woman named Linda asked.

"It is ecstacy."

"How do you recognize ecstasy?" Linda went on.

"Waves of energy caress the physical body," the guru replied, appearing to hesitate for the first time. "As though enfolding it in a timeless sphere. Yet one is also in a state of unawareness. It is very difficult to explain, but once you have experienced it, it is unforgettable."

"What are the first steps?" she asked.

"Finding your true self," he replied promptly. "It is usually hidden beneath a fašade, but the easiest way to find it is to be truthful to yourself. In our hearts we know when we are lying to ourselves. Lies follow lies and and it is almost impossible to extricate yourself from the misery that follows. I am sure that, at some time or another, all of you have asked someone to stop lying to themselves - and experienced utter frustration when they apparently wished to continue. Truth and love are inseparable.

"If you are already enmeshed in a maze of deception but you want to escape, ask yourslf innumerable questions and really think about the answers. Truth will eventually prevail. The first ten questions will be the most difficult. After you have answered those truthfully, the process will become easier as time goes on."

"What are the first ten questions?" another woman asked.

"They will be different for each person depending on their circumstances at the time," the guru replied. "You are already making life difficult for yourself by assuming that there are ten special questions. You can start by listing questions about yourself, your motives and behaviour and your life, and then put them in order of priority."

"I suppose we all expect these things to be special," the woman said, "when it's only common sense."

"You are correct," he responded. "However, few people have common sense because they do not apply logic."

"But..." she began, then hesitated. "I hope you don't think I'm stupid," she went on, "but if one is illogical, how can one become logical? Its seems too difficult."

"It is difficult," the guru agreed, "but not impossible when approached in the correct manner. For instance, if you are dealing with a problem which concerns several people then it is possible that you are angry with some of them - and this anger makes logical thought very difficult. So concentrate on the others. Approach the solution from their perspective. Without anger you will be able to think more clearly and feel happier with your logic.

"When you are making decisions which do not involve others, then you must ask yourself questions and think very carefully before you answer them. Know that you have applied truth.

"In either case, if you are not completely logical, at least you will know that you have not been completely illogical and that a certain balance has been maintained. There is no easy way to logic, but this is the easiest way to practise. I assure you that it works, in time, and it brings you face-to-face with yourself. It will be a revelation and will bring many rewards."

The guru's words had obviously struck a chord with another member of his audience, and she spoke up eagerly as he finished.

"I've applied these measures myself," she told her companions. "At first I couldn't face the truth about myself, but gradually I became fascinated by the answers. It was as though I was standing outside myself and listening to a stranger. And eventually, when the stranger became myself, I felt happier than at any time in my life."

A man who was sitting further back, whose name was Bob, had been nodding in agreement as she spoke.

"It's true that it can be very painful," he said, "but the rewards are so great. The experience I had was like being reborn. I can't say that I rediscovered myself, because I had never known my real self."

"Know yourself and all will be made known to you," the guru told them. "Spiritual rewards can be great but they will depend upon your soul. There is no question of winning them by mental debate. You either deserve them at a spiritual level or you do not."

"I know that's true!" Bob exclaimed, laughing. "I've had many rewards, but it took a long time. I tried to debate with the powers that be, and my life seemed to get worse until I realized that expecting rewards was not at all spiritual. Now I know who I am and where I want to go - and my talent as an artist has improved considerably. I'm in touch with myself."

"Not only with yourself," the guru commented. "You are also linking in with like minds, orther artists in this and other dimensions who are on the same path as yourself.

"Always remember that energy attracts like to like. When you look at a blank canvas you are relaxed and your mind energy expands, linking up with like talents. Your thoughts about the painting will actually impregnate the canvas and, even though you will change the energy pattern once you apply the paints, the basis of the composition will always be there. The interaction with other energies and minds will go on for ever.

"Why do you think that the works of the Great Masters attract so much attention hundreds of years after they were created? It was because the mind of the artist is still impregnated in the canvas, and so by looking at or being near the original canvas you can feel that same energy that was left there all those years ago. Once you know how it is left behind in all objects, then you will have a greater understanding of the meaning of life."

At this point, another lady, who had not contributed to the discussion earlier, made her first comment.

"That's why inanimate objects retain memories, isn't it?" she said. "I've known psychics who can hold a piece of jewellery and relate personal incidents about its owners, both past and present. They could also describe places where the objects had been."

"You are correct, of course," the guru agreed, "and although we are talking about very basic things here, it is a beginning. Why is a Stradivarius violin so expensive? First of all because it was made with love, the most magical ingredient of all. Secondly, because of the mind of the artist who made it and, finally because of the love, artistry and musicianship of all those who have played upon it over the decades.

"Until the whole world has an understanding of such basic knowledge, we can only progress very slowly. It is our spiritual duty to make these things known to others, but you must allow them to absorb it at their own pace. Never force the issue. Those who wish to learn will come back for more - and the seeds of knowledge can grow even on stony ground.

"Nothing is ever as it seems," the guru exclaimed, smiling at an old memory. "Many years ago, I was asked to speak to a group of adolescents. It was an inspiring evening, except for one boy who kept interrupting anyone who asked a question. I asked him if he would like to speak at length as he had so much to say for himself, but he laughed and said some of the questions were so stupid that he wanted them to think before they spoke. But after that he quietened down and the rest of the evening was more peaceful.

"Twenty years later I met this man again. He had become a very successful politician, and hated the constant interruptions when he had something important to say. He now regretted his behaviour that evening and realized that, no matter how stupid the questions seemed, they were important to those who asked them. He admitted that he had indeed reaped what he had sown - and that is true for all of us. It is Universal Law.

Every thought we have goes forth and joins like thoughts, but eventually the collective thoughts return to the originator. It is more pleasant to have love, compassion and unselfishness return than hatred, jealousy and greed."

"If our thoughts attract like to like and return to us, what happens to the people whose thoughts we have collected?" someone asked. "Surely they can't return to all of us."

"They do not return to everyone at the same time," the guru replied. "Usually, negative thoughts return when we are at our lowest ebb, when the impact on our psyche will be greater and the lesson harder."

"That doesn't seem fair somehow," Miriam put in. "Quite a lot of people can't stand the strain."

"It would be convenient if our negative thoughts returned when we are strong," he answered, "but the impact would then be negligible. The lesson would be wasted. Universal Law is order. There must be order in all things, and we humans are less than a speck of dust in that order. Universal matters are treated as a whole and not individually, and if something is upsetting the pattern, it will be dealt with."

There was a silence for a time as they all considered the guru's words. Some of them began to wonder if the audience was over, but then he spoke again, asking them to close their eyes once more. As soon as they obeyed, a humming noise filled the cave. A few people opend their eyes again.

"Please keep your eyes closed until I ask you to open them," the guru requested. "Otherwise the light will hurt you."

The uncanny humming grew stronger, reverberating throughout the chamber. When the guru finally told them to look, the sense of anticipation had reached almost fever pitch. And, as soon as they opened their eyes, it was clear to them what had occurred.

The guru was bathed in an illuminous white halo which radiated all his being transcending through him, and circling in spirals throughout the cave, seeking out the tiniest crevices so that the whole of the cave was bathed in this golden light. Everyone was also enclosed in this light which gave out a feeling of warmth and peace.

As they were all looking about them, and touching each other to see the reaction, somebody noticed that the guru was levitating very gently and slowly. He rose, still in a sitting position, crosslegged, about six foot off the cushion he had been sitting on, his whole being aglow and awash with the warm golden hues.

Hovering there for a few seconds, he opened his eyes wide, and looked at each member of his audience in turn, and then smiled to them all, and lifting his hands in farewell, disappeared up into the light above him.

Postscript: This story was given to us by a friend. As it appealed to us so much, we thought we would like to share it with you, but found some pages were missing. It, therefore has been slightly modified to keep the continuity.
We do hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did!

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