How lovely it is to stroll through a garden as spring is about to appear
With all the blossom and buds bursting out of themselves,
as if saying "Look, we are here"
The colours abound in pastels and hues of all shades and sizes,
With whites, and pinks, and blues and all other disguises.

You sit for a while on a garden bench,
Feeling the warmth of the energy that surrounds you,
Smiling to yourself and thinking how wonderful it is,
This is the life you tell yourself, how could there be need for more
When you look at all about you, and feel at peace ever more.

Ah well! You tell yourself, Lets not get too carried away,
There's plenty to do, like mowing, and clipping to keep busy,
On this beautiful balmy day,
You don your gloves, and bend your knee to tend to the plants
that are asking for your care,
And again you become enraptured by the scene
Of this tapestry thats enfolding right there.

But this time, you're part of it, as you dig, and pull and tug,
Becoming one with the earth, rejuvenating both you and the shrubs above,
Shaping them, with practised eye, and watching for the bud,
That will bear the fruit in the coming year,
As a mark of their love.

You finally finish at days end with a sigh and a wish,
That all about you are well and contented
As this feeling you have of sweet accord,
Of being one with the world, and one with your lord.
by Lizzytish©

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