Ever thought that since our lord
Died upon the cross to save us all
That there's no need to bow our heads in shame
And keep this ongoing pain?

For was not his act on that dark day
But sufficient to redeem us all
And change our ways,
In answer to his loving call?

And by the prolonging of this pain
We're but forgetting his eternal aim
Which is to return us to our rightful place
By his side and in full grace.

For did he not want for us to be his children
And be above all suspicion
Living as we were meant to do
As in the garden of long ago?

That's not to say we should not recall
This wondrous gift he gave us all,
And make this life of ours a fitting place
In memory of his loving grace.

So by removing this state of blindness,
We would be repaying his eternal kindness,
And enjoying a life of love and gladness,
As befitting us and our noble lord.

For then, and only then,
Would it have all been worthy of his pain
That sacrifice he made for you and me
Upon that cross on calvary.
by Lizzytish©

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