As I lay in bed drifting off to sleep,
And asking God my soul to keep,
I heard a voice to me say,
Ever thought of meeting half way?

What, I ask, do you mean?
Is it because it seems
We are no where near our dreams
Of living here as we could have been?

Well, the voice replied, compromise.
You see, by meeting at the half way mark
You would help create a spark
Of friendship and a willingness.

And so by doing this,
When dealing with your fellow men
Your answer would come more easily then
In overcoming your adversities
And solving all life's mysteries.

Ah! I said, Now there's a thought!
What a change would be brought,
If we could but see how we'ld then live
In perfect peace and harmony.


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© 'Con Nosotros' 2002

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