A few years ago, Jim, a good friend of ours, sadly lost his fight with cancer, and went on to greater things. However, he left behind him a legacy, a manuscript of all his insights that took place in his interior life that spanned more than twenty years. We were given the honour of proof-reading the script in preparation for publication It was an incredible experience reading the pages - all coming directly to him from above. Some were spiritual, some practical, some humourous, and in so much detail. He had these remarkable conversations with Our Lord, and Our Lady, and the visions he experienced where so powerful. His sister has very kindly given us permission to present some to you. She is currently looking for them, (time permitting with all her other commitments) but we couldn't contain ourselves, and so would like to present to you one that really struck home with us. Hopefully, we will be adding to this page in time. We hope you will enjoy this insight, and find it as powerful and inspiring as we did. May we present to you in part -


Jim was meditating, as he usually did every day, when half way through he was taken into a scene where he was looking down a dark and muddy pothole somewhere in a country area. It was wet and slippery looking, and not at all inviting.

He felt compelled to go in and explore it. It wasn't easy getting a foothold and it was slow going for the most part. He had to grip the roots of the trees above, that had made their way down in their search for water, while he tried to get a foothold with the toe of his boots on the slippery mud below.

Gradually he made his way down, with the smell of the earth and the rain becoming even more noticeable the further down he went. He eventually arrived at a spot that bottomed out. Although there were openings that allowed further descent, Jim decided to stay on this level, and explore it.

As he turned around to look into the interior with his torch a huge roar emanated from the other side. Jim shone his torch in the direction of the roar, and saw an enormous fierce looking monster, that was advancing towards him in an aggresive manner.

"Go away" it roared. "LEAVE ME ALONE"

Now, Jim thought of his options, he really didn't want to go down, and he didn't feel like scrambling up again, so he felt his only option was to go forward towards the monster.

As he did, he called out "Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you!"

Again, it called out "Go Away - Leave me alone." Jim replied "I'm not going to hurt you, please don't be frightened" and kept on going towards the centre of the cave, with the monster coming towards him at the same time.

Now, an extraordinary thing happened then, with every step they took towards each other, the monster started getting smaller and smaller. Until, there stood before him, not the monster, but a little girl, who said in reply to the astonished look on Jim's face.

"Please don't be upset, this is not your doing. This happened a long, long time ago before you were even born..... I have been trapped like this and haven't been able to get out."

Jim wanted to take her home with him, but the little girl said that now he had rescued her she would be fine and would prefer to stay where she was. So after a while, when he saw that he couldn't persuade her to change her mind, he said goodbye and headed back up to the entrance of the pothole.

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