If the world only knew how easy it would be,
To go through life's paces if we could but see
That we aren't all alone, traversing this path,
But have someone to guide us,
Who's close to our heart.

If the world only knew what we are all missing,
We would weep tears of sorrow and all be wishing
That we could but put it all back into place,
And thus harmonise this poor human race.

If the world only knew how it could be,
Should we but use our inner gift
To shield, and to guide us,
And lift up our vision,
Strengthen our purpose, and be above suspicion.

If the world only knew......
We'ld then be all the smarter
And know, in an inkling,
All of life's mysteries without even the thinking.
We would have no more sickness,
Only good health, giving us a fullness,
And an enduring wealth.

If the world only knew how easy it would be......
But alas, we've all but forgotten how to see.
by LizzyTish©

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