Once upon a time there were three little children
and their names were

Liam, Marie Eline, and Robert

Marie Eline & Robert were brother and sister, and Liam was their cousin.

Or you could say that Marie Eline & Robert were Liam's cousins.
Liam lived with his Mummy & Daddy,
and Marie Eline & Robert lived with their Mummy & Daddy across the seas.

Every so often they would visit each other
and that's when the fun that we're talking about would begin.
They would play lots of games, like hide and seek,
and jumping out from around corners and saying "boo" and squealing,
and giving each other scares,
until their Mummys and Daddys would say "Enough!"
Then they would quieten down, and play quiet games,
like painting and making jigsaws,
or playing with their cars or dolls.
Of course, there would be the occasional little quarrel
but nothing serious,
and in the main everything was very friendly.

Sometimes they would go to the park,
and play on the swings and slides
and cubby house,
and make up all sorts of games, like pirates, or cops and robbers.
Their favourite one
was to blast each other off the planet with their "pretend" laser guns!
And they would laugh and laugh!
There were other times
when they would take some bread
and feed the ducks
and pigeons
and any other birds that were there too!

After all the excitement of the day,
and after having eaten up all their tea
they would all have a big bath together,
and oh! my! what fun that was.....
water splashing all over the place, and slipping and sliding....
it was very hectic and noisy!
Finally when all the excitement had died down and the three were calmer,
it was off to bed to have a story book read to them.
And after that it was
Sweet Dreams and God Bless!


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