Ever wondered how the world would be
Should there be no more egos to face,
No supposed glory to chase,
And no desire to win that 'race'?

Who said it's to help us build and grow?
Not God,
Twas said by man to explain away,
The mess we find ourselves in today.

Ever wondered how the world would be
If we all felt as He?
Loving, helping, playing, laughing,
Living as we were meant to be.

Its up to us to make a choice,
To air our thoughts,
And give voice,
To silence all the gloom and doom
And let the positive have room.

Ever wondered why
Our lord and master uses many ways
To draw us closer to him through our days?
Using our strengths and weaknesses,
He allows us to be witnesses
Of his truth and love.

So in our search of our quest for right,
No matter how the other feels they might,
It's important to believe we all
Are answering his loving call.


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'ConNosotros'© 2002

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