There is a special energy all around,
Waiting to be taken in,
Ever constant, Always willing, Never stilling,
Simply seeking to be allowed in.

Imagine how we would feel,
Should we attempt to harness this to live our lives here on this field.
Giving us a new perspective to life's situations,
Teaching us with gentleness to have compassion in other's litigations,
Never feeling out of sorts, when all around are crying,
But taking the initiative to stop the world from dying.

This energy comes from up on high to energise and steel us,
It's meant for us - our birthright,
Permission is not sought,
So go right ahead - reach for it,
And see the change that's brought.

What is it called? you might well ask,
Well, its known by many names,
But over here amongst us all,
Why, we simply call it Grace!


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