When you find yourself at a crossroads,
And there are many such times as those,
Appearing just when you finally feel
That you've almost sewn up all of life's deal.

You're happily cruising down life's stream,
And suddenly you are confronted with a dream,
That is constantly prodding you to make a choice
And to your inner wishes give voice,
Which have been lying there for all these years
Hidden beneath the veneer.
'How can it be?' you ask yourself,
'I'm living life to the full,'
'What is it you want of me?
Cannot you see that what you are asking
Is way beyond my sense?'
And so you argue, on and on, without any recompense.

Its all a question of choices you see
And the one that fits best,
Is the one that sits best
Within your inner self,
Making you feel the more at ease
With yourself and with all those you please.
And even though you seem as though
To be at a loss, and no one gives a toss,
The choice you make at these crossroads
Will be all the more right if you heed the advice
Of your hidden inner voice!

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© 'Con Nosotros' 2001

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