One day when Marie Eline and Robert were visiting Liam,
they decided to go to the bottom of the garden to see if they could find the fairies who live there.
So they put on their warm jumpers and gumboots and set off!

On the way they passed the billabong where the fish and frogs lived,
and they stopped to ask them if they knew
where the fairies were hiding out.
Unfortunately they weren't able to tell them where the faires were,
as they had been too busy trying to catch insects that were flying around the top of the water,
like the dragonflies and butterflies.

Looking up at the trees, they saw the kookaburras sitting on the branches,
who in turn were eyeing off the fish for their dinner,
and they asked them if they had seen the fairies.
But they too had been far too busy with their own things that
they hadn't noticed them.

Just then the children saw a beautiful coloured butterfly sitting on a flower,
and they went up to her and asked if she had seen where the faires where playing.

"Oh yes!" she said,
"I saw them earlier this morning further down the garden where the wild orchids and maidenhair grow.
They were having a great time and playing all sorts of games.
In fact they asked me to join them, but I've been rather busy searching for nectar."

This made the children jump up and down with excitement and they thanked the butterfly
and headed off down to where the wild orchids and maidenhair grew.
They had to really pay attention to where they were walking as the ground was very uneven with lots of fallen branches and twigs,
and, anyway they needed to be careful in case they stepped on one of the fairies!

Liam, being the eldest and because this was his garden and Marie Eline and Robert were his guests,
showed the way and pointed out the tricky spots for the other two,
so that they wouldn't fall down.
They had to duck their heads to avoid bumping into a spider's web
which was right in front of them as they walked.
No doubt Mrs Spider was busy too trying to get the family meal on the table!
Gosh it wasn't only humans who were busy preparing meals for their families, everyone seemed involved!

On and on they went down the slope ever watchful of the bumps along the way.
Then the children suddenly became quiet and still and watchful.
They seemed to know instinctively that they were approaching a very special area of the garden where magical things happen.

They stood very still and listened.
They must have stood like this for quite a while,
and slowly all the noises of the garden became louder to their ears
and it all became like a beautiful song.

They could hear the crickets chirping, the frogs croaking, and the birds singing.
It was so lovely.
The three children looked at each other and gave each other a big, big smile, as if to say
"Isn't this something!"

Just then they heard a rustle at their feet, but when they looked down they couldn't see anything
so they hopped down on their knees and very carefully parted the grass and plants to see what or who was there!
They looked under the toadstools and mushrooms,
under the maidenhair ferns, the wild orchids, the wild grasses, and still they couldn't see who was there!

Just then, they distinctly heard a tinkle tinkle tinkle, as though a very small person was laughing!
So they kept very still and waited with eyes glowing with excitement.
"Hello, I'm over here!" came a little voice "I've been waiting for you,
and I have a very special present to give you."

The children turned around,
and there, right behind them stood this
beautiful fairy
with the most sweet smelling flower they had ever smelt.
It was neither too sweet nor too strong,
but a delightful light scent of all the lovely scents of the garden.

They were so happy, and they jumped up and down with happiness and excitement.
They never, in their wildest dreams, thought that they would have
this opportunity to meet a fairy!

Just then they could hear Liam's Mummy calling them to come inside.
It was very disappointing when they had only just met this beautiful fairy.
They had so many questions to ask her.
However she told them that now they had found her, she would always be here for them to play with,
and that they would always be able to call her and she would come to them.
And the next time she would introduce them to all the other fairies who also lived with her,
including her very special friend.

That made the children happy once again, and after saying their goodbyes,
they ran up to the top of the garden,
and back to the house to tell their Mummys and Daddys
about the great adventure they had just had!


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