You have a need deep within your heart,
The source of which elusively escapes you,
No matter where you start,
All your life, you chase it,
Wishing that it would come through
To help sustain and to nourish you.

Tis Grace and how to find it,
You restlessly pursue,
But never quite reaching it,
No matter how high the due.

Till one day you feel a glow coming from within you,
And instinctively you can tell who it is thats calling you,
Tis your Lord, you see, showing you his presence,
Making you at peace, and giving you a present
Of his much sought after Grace, of which you have been seeking
All these years and more, and finally its in your keeping.

To have him by your side e're more,
You need simply treat him as you would your friend,
Thus allowing you his loving ear to lend,
Let him share your secrets, and let him share your fears,
Let him know your wishes, and let him see your tears.

By opening up your heart to him, you will simply find
A never ending source of gentleness
To guide you through your time.


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